Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Toddler’s Approach to Time

The mess hall is open ‘til 8:30 for breakfast. We got there about 8:27 this morning. For some reason, Wee Laddie was determined to eat everything in sight. But veeerrrrryyyy ssssllllloooowwwllllyyyy. Oy vey. I kept saying, 'Are you done? Are you almost done?' Meanwhile, the mess hall staff is cleaning tables, stacking chairs, removing all the food. I was caught in that whole not-wanting-to-create-any-later-food-issues mess.

We went to the EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program) playgroup today. It’s put on by the EFMP and a couple of other on-base services but says it's open to everyone, so we went. And it was fun & good. Different than the other one… this one is more like smaller-motor activity. And there’s a PT and a speech therapist there to help in any early intervention situations. I noticed that some of the people were using sign so I asked the PT if they offer any classes here. She said they don’t, so I said I’d be willing to teach one if they’re interested. I’m not certified or anything, but I’ve been using sign on & off for--yikes--25 years? She sounded interested and had me talk briefly with the New Parent Support person, who also seemed interested. I think I’ll order the Signing Time videos for Wee Laddie… then I can brush up, too.

Had lunch w/Guitarman and then took the rental car back. The rental car guy told Guitarman the car was supposed to be clean when we brought it in. Guitarman asked where he could take it to vacuum it and the guy told him. And he said, 'And the car wash is right… ' (and pointed) Guitarman looked up at the rain and said, 'You’re kidding, right?' The guy said, 'Okay, we’ll take care of that.'

We talked about me taking Guitarman’s car (a mid-‘90s BMW) and him getting a mid-‘80s BMW. A real 'hoopdi.' (I don’t know if I’m spelling that right… it’s what they call and older, cheap car.) We’ll probably look at cars soon. It’ll be awkward here with one car. Not like Colorado, but still inconvenient.

We had dinner from Burg Imbiss döner kebap (Turkish restaurant) here in Parsberg… very yummy. Better than the place in Seubersdorf, I think.

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