Monday, January 8, 2007

No Place to Play

We keep seeing playgrounds on base but they’re all locked! We tried a few of them but ended up having to have Wee Laddie run around in an open field right next to a playground (which he kept looking at and saying, 'Play? Play?' Brutal.).

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Went to look at a house in Seubersdorf. It’s the first one in Germany I’ve seen the inside of so I didn’t really have anything to compare it to. I thought it looked pretty nice (and was certainly bigger than I’d expected), but Guitarman wasn’t that excited about the inside of it. We were both concerned that it was on kind of a busy street (the main street through Seubersdorf, which the current renters said definitely gets busy during the week) and even though the yard was fenced I’m sure we’d be constantly worried that Wee Laddie might get out somehow. There was also an issue about the heating stove used by one of the neighbors… it apparently blows soot into the windows of this place when they are open. (Another issue about that neighbor mowing his lawn in Speedos, but I reckon that’s not worth passing up a good house over!) We found out that the landlord also owns like the next house over, so I thought we should look into that since it’s a bit farther off the road but Guitarman wants to go back to the housing office on Monday to see what else they have.

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