Monday, January 22, 2007

Spreading the Ugliness

Spent most of the day at the base at Würzburg. It’s funny how not having any of your stuff makes you want to go buy stuff. (And need to go buy stuff.) Poor Wee Laddie must be so freaking sick of shopping! Someone mentioned to us that there’s a castle in Würzburg… today was the first time we saw it ‘cause it wasn’t so overcast. We’ll have to come back sometime just for sightseeing.

Würzburg got a lot more wind than we did… there were pieces of insulation or something scattered all over the base, and there was a big chunk of some more construction-oriented material by one of the parking lots. Glad we didn’t get hit with that.

We have, in our doppelhaus (duplex) 6 of the most actively hideous light fixtures I’ve ever seen. Two of them are twin glass globby-looking things in the basement…one is completely stuck in 1991 Pastel Madness, poor thing...two are a matching ceiling/sconce set that look like someone’s misguided attempt at a colorless Tiffany-esque style (actually the ceiling one isn’t horrible in and of itself)…the last looks like a round birdcage made of rounded wood with basketweave at the top and bottom. That last one dangles so low that I can barely walk under it… Guitarman bumps into it every time he’s in that room. I need to get some pictures on here so you can all see these lights. If we get to stay longer than October, we’re definitely going to be putting up some light fixtures…these insult me every time I walk by. (We also have several light fixtures that are lame, but not so much in-your-face ugly.)

Idea for later: Ugly Light Fixture Contest. I could post pics here and have a vote or something. I think they’d have to be lights that are actually currently used in a home, though, not just like ugly garage sale crap.

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