Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Day One in Deutschland

The trip wasn’t as bad as I feared it might be. Wee Laddie did cry & whine for the first 3 hours of the flight but, to be fair, he had no idea what was going on (except that we’d talked about going to see Daddy and leaving Grandma). It was very discouraging, though, and I was not happy to be traveling w/o Guitarman just then. After dinner and all that, Wee Laddie did go to sleep and actually slept (on me, of course… so glad we paid for that extra seat that he sat in long enough to eat dinner) for pretty much the rest of the flight. I’m sure all the other passengers were nearly as relieved as I was.

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The virgin trip with my Samsonite carry-on ended up being without it. Too big…bastards. I envision this conversation: 'Hey, look! We designed a new carry-on.' 'Great, I love it. I can’t wait to take it on the plane with me.' 'Take it on the plane? Why would you want to take it on the plane?' So I was stopped partway through the jetway and had to cram the entire Wee Laddie Entertainment Package into my purse and his little Samsonite rolling turtle suitcase. Oh, and the about 15 diapers that I’d brought, just in case.

Lost the stroller at Frankfurt. I really wish I could blame it on someone other than myself. I’d gate-checked it and got flustered when they disembarked us outside instead on a jetway so I forgot to ask about it. And it's really too bad, 'cause it sure would’ve been handy for the stopover.

Oh, and I left the now-unpacked diapers on the plane. You know, just in case.

Guitarman showed us around the base a bit (it was all a blur) and we ran into the admin from his office… I love meeting new people after 10 hours of traveling. Dinner at the bowling alley and met a family that is staying at the same hotel that we’re at. They have a son a year older than Wee Laddie.

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Shehla (aka DJsShally) said...

What an adventure. LOL Dinner at the bowling alley...