Sunday, January 21, 2007

History in a Hurry

Went to Regensburg and checked out the old downtown area a bit. There’s an old stone bridge that’s pretty cool.

It was chilly and dark by the time we were really looking around so we didn’t stay long, but we’ll definitely have to go back there. There’s such a sense of history here in Europe that just doesn’t exist in the US. Not that we’d appreciate it if it did. Old buildings are always getting torn down in the US.

Guitarman went to the car guy (there’s this guy named Peter who sells cars to nearly everyone on the base, I think) & found a ’90 (I think) BMW for 800euro ($1K). It’s in really great shape and doesn’t even have 50K kilometers on it, I think he said. Sheesh. That’s a deal you wouldn’t find stateside.

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