Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lunch with Grandma

We met Guitarman at the mess hall for lunch, then I took Wee Laddie to the library on base. I was thinking that maybe if he got a chance to look at books or play or something he might give me a few minutes to check my email. Ha. Boy, was I kidding myself. I can’t remember if I was even able to log into Yahoo (I definitely didn’t get to read a single email) before he started screaming. He absolutely wouldn’t settle down so we left. Of course, I first had to carry him screaming through the library to put back the books we were going to check out. (Sometimes follow-through is a pain.) Turns out I’d kept him up too long before his nap… he fell asleep even before we’d gotten off the base!

Today I asked Wee Laddie, 'Do you want to have lunch with Daddy?' He said, 'Lunch with Grandma?' I repeated myself and he answered the same way. Poor thing, he’s really missing Grandma, his cousins, his friends.

And he’s been stuck inside for weeks! The last 2 weeks in CO were so snowy that he couldn’t really play outside and it’s been so wet & chilly here that he still can’t. I have to find some things for him to do to burn off some of his energy. I haven’t seen any kid play-type places that are indoors where he could run around in the crappy weather.

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