Monday, January 29, 2007

Food Choices

Wee Laddie’s on a cheeseburger kick at the moment. Or so he thinks. He actually keeps saying he wants a cheeseburger, then adds, 'No meat, please.' I keep telling him that’s a grilled cheese sandwich, but he doesn’t agree. The other day I was lamenting the fact that all he wants to eat are waffles, cereal and crackers and that we’ve really got to get some protein in him. He told me, 'No eat protein, Mommy.'

Sunday closings kind of suck. We end up on base a lot on Sundays, just because things are open there. Today even the library was open so I got to do a little email (Yay!) while Guitarman and Wee Laddie went to the commissary. When we were heading home, I asked Wee Laddie, 'What did you and Daddy get at the store?'
He said, 'Dinner.'
I said, 'Dinner, huh? And what kind of food did you get for dinner?'
He said, 'Cat food.'

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