Saturday, January 13, 2007

Echo, Echo, Echo

We had dinner at and looked around the Möbelhof furniture store. It’s right across the road (well, and a field, too) from our house but you have to drive about a kilometer to get there. It is a very cool store. IKEA style but more upscale. Rather like Bova…not quite DWR, but nicer than Scan Designs and way nicer than IKEA. Wee Laddie was quite taken with a table & chair set that’s just his size. (Already, with the high-end taste… maybe we can talk him into IKEA at least.) I love that there are all these furniture stores around with stuff that we like. There are some other shops around the IKEA that we’ll also check out on some other trip over there.

Tonight was the first night in the house. It echoes like crazy with the tile floors and no furniture. We can barely carry on a conversation, and then only if Wee Laddie’s not shouting something (which he often is). It’s maddening. Guitarman was unpacking the TV & stuff and it was just insanely loud from the bedroom upstairs.

When I tucked Wee Laddie in tonight he was crying for the hotel. I’m sure it’s just because that’s the only place he’s stayed here and he didn’t want to be in a new place (we don’t even have the bed set up, we’re just on the mattresses on the floor). I had taken some photos of the hotel room so I showed them to him. That seemed to help and he did finally go to sleep.

Funny thing Wee Laddie did: He picked a boogie and tried to put it in Guitarman’s nose. Hehe

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