Sunday, January 7, 2007

Nary a Vegetable in Sight

Went to the base at Würzburg to check things out. The PX there is huge… way WAY bigger than the one here in Hohenfels.

Had dinner at the döner kebap (Turkish food) in Seubersdorf (a town where there’s a house we’re going to look at on Sunday). We always get a good workout for our German when we go to foreign-food restaurants run by people for whom German is a 2nd language… they frequently don’t speak English so we’re on our own. It was sort of a weird little place--part restaurant part cyber café, I guess (although the computers there weren’t on). The owner showed us a game room in the back (not sure why but he seemed to like us) that had pool tables & stuff. At first when he was calling me over to see it I felt like I was in a mob movie or something… here’s where you see the back room where the secret poker games take place. Anyway, the food was good.

Tonight we tried to have Guitarman tuck Wee Laddie in… didn’t go so well. He was very upset, crying a lot. The manager of the hotel called to check on him. She told me that someone said he was outside, but I guess she could hear that he was in the room with me ‘cause she said, 'All ist klar,' and hung up. Now I don’t know if that was really the whole story or what but it made us uncomfortable. Guitarman was worried that someone who hates Americans might report us for something we didn’t do and the police would come arrest us or whatever… I was annoyed that we were having to make different choices than we want to just for the sake of placating other guests at the hotel. I mean, I’m sorry our child was crying and I wouldn’t want to keep the other guests awake or anything, but we still need to do what’s best for our son. We’ve only been here a few days but I already feel like we’ve got to get out of this hotel if it’s going to mean that we’re not free to make the choices we need to make for the best of all of us.

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