Sunday, September 30, 2007

Not Actively Worried, but...

...there’s news lately about all of the terrorists in Germany who hate Americans. I think we’re probably lucky to be at such a small military base (although there was a suspicious vehicle there taking photos or something a few months ago), because I suspect it wouldn’t likely be too high on the target lists. There are times when there are a fair number of people on base for “rotations,” but they’re often not American and it might be hard to tell when unless you live in the area and see them driving the tanks & stuff onto base.

Still, it makes you think.

And it’s things like that that have made us try to be quietly American here in our neighborhood. You never know which neighbor might hate Americans, or have terrorist ties or whatever. So our “neighbors” a few blocks away, whose giant, wall-hanging American flag can be seen as you drive by their apartment seem rather cavalier to us.

In happier news, fall is shaping up to be quite a beautiful season here in Bavaria. I took this photo at the playground a few days ago.

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