Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Darned Mosquito

This morning was the 2nd Total Mom workshop. I like what they’re doing. This morning’s focus was home organization. It was a smaller group than last week (today was the big grand opening of the new PX in Grafenwöhr and everyone’s been all a-twitter about a rumored Starbucks… we’re more excited about a rumored Taco Bell, but will probably go check things out this weekend), but a rather jocular one. And I got a few good tips. Not everyone could stick around for sign (the couple who did seemed to like it), but people at least talked as if they plan to come next time. I hope we’ve found our audience, as it’s sort of annoying to put the effort in when nobody seems bothered about it. Not that I’m putting a ton of effort in, just using the videos, but I do bring the videos every week and am there if anybody has any questions. I’ve also put it out there that if they’d like a different format for learning, that’d be fine, too.

Remember how I was recently complaining about the mosquito in our room? Check out my poor bugaboo’s hand:

And here are both hands, for comparison (though one is a bit closer than the other).

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