Thursday, September 6, 2007

Kids’ Club Madness

Went to the Apotheke (pharmacy) this morning before Kids’ Club to pick up enough glucose testing strips to last me ‘til the shipment from the US gets here. Turns out that my diabetes strips are only available in the US, and the ones sold over here are not compatible with my US-made glucose monitor. Too bad I didn’t figure that out before opening the package.

Kids’ Club was incredibly crowded today. I don’t know where all the people came from, but there must’ve been like 20 kids there! People are starting to notice that I'm pregnant. The woman who puts all the gym mats away came up and said, “Oh! I didn’t realize you were expecting ‘til I saw you pick up your son. Congratulations!”

Our timing worked out today to where Wee and I actually got to go out somewhere in the afternoon! Just to run some errands, but it's been WEEKS since we've even done that. While we were shopping I realized how much I've missed our trips to the market & stuff. It’s not like we’re talking to people or anything, but without that, I lose pretty much all my contact with anything German and might as well not even be here.

We went to the new Rewe store in town. Most of the towns around here have a market, or sometimes two. For some reason, Parsberg has 6. Two are right by the autobahn, two right next to each other near the train station, and 2 right next to each other close to stadtmitte. This is not a big town, folks, so this just seems bizarre that we have so many. At any rate, the Rewe store was really good… now one of my two favorites (the Edeka being the other… that’s a tip for local readers). They had some produce I’ve never seen before as well as lots of stuff that looked yummy & fresh. Great selection of Chinese and Italian foods, as well as some Mexican and Thai. Nice to find a good variety like that. It’s also a bigger store than some of the others, so that opens up some opportunities. The only thing I was disappointed by was their pizza selection. Will keep that in mind.

Oh, another cool thing about Rewe: Instead of the usual gummy candy the cashier gave Wee Laddie a keychain, which he’s been carrying around and talking about ever since.

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