Friday, February 9, 2007

Vocabulary Building

This morning Wee Laddie was sitting in his little rocking chair in the living room singing, 'baby boat… moon…by.' Those are lyrics from 'Baby’s Boat,' which is the song my mom always sang to him when trying to get him to nap. He doesn’t let me sing it to him very often. Whenever I ask if he wants to hear it he says, 'Grandma sing Baby Boats.'

Wee Laddie's language is quite astonishing. (Hey, it’s totally legitimate for me to be insanely impressed by my son’s mad language 'skillz!') During a couple of his naps in mid-January I made a list of the words he says (I did this a few months ago, too, and thought it’d be interesting to one day share with him what words he felt that it was important to know). I came up with 450 words that he uses independently (as in not after I say them to him) and in the right context. Wow. No wonder he really seems to understand nearly everything we say to him!

Checked out the thrift store on base today. Not terribly interesting… very typical for a small thrift store. I was hoping to find a sewing machine (I sewed the bathroom curtain by hand and it took ages and now it bugs me that the stitches aren’t totally straight) but no luck. They had a little ride-on motorcycle that I got for Wee Laddie. It was only $3 so I figured I couldn’t pass it up. It’s motorized but needs a battery, so now we have to get that part figured out. Wee Laddie was beside himself about his 'mocycle feeney' (see?). He wanted to bring it upstairs while he took his nap.

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