Saturday, February 10, 2007

More Playgroups for Us

Huge turnout at the Friday playgroup…9 (tot-mom sets), I think someone said. I talked to a few people about my plan to start up an at-home playgroup as well. Turns out a couple of moms (I’ve met them but they weren’t there) have been talking about doing that, so I’ll email them. A few of the moms I talked to were interested, a few not so much. I’m always surprised when people aren’t interested in that. It’s been such a huge thing for Wee Laddie & me. I guess I forget that not everyone is as social as we are. This child sure is his mama's boy.

We made a test run to the pool in Burglengenfeld (we’ll go to the swim group on Tuesday now that we’ve got our swimsuits)… I wanted to make sure I can find it in case I need to call someone for directions. It’s about 30 minutes away and a pretty drive. Too bad I couldn’t really enjoy the view because of the Bavarian driver 3 feet off my bumper.

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