Monday, February 12, 2007

When Do We Eat?

We tried to have brunch at the mess hall this morning (which we’ve been doing a lot on the weekends) but all of a sudden they’re only open for breakfast from 8:30-9:30 instead of brunch’s timeslot of 9:30-1:00. Now, despite the fact that we were there just LAST weekend for brunch, they all acted completely surprised that we would show up there a little after 9:30. Expecting food, of all things.

Having not learned our lesson (nor read the schedule) we tried again at dinner, since we haven’t had a dinner there yet. We picked what we thought was a logical time for dinner (6ish, I think it was), but they foiled us again. Dinner is from 3-4:30! Wow, talk about early-bird hours. So we went to Burg Imbiss, my favorite döner shop. (There aren’t many options, so we’re delighted that the döner shop that is right nearby is also very yummy.)

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