Friday, November 16, 2007

Swimmin’ with the Girls

Wee Laddie and I met up with our friends Starfruit and Cutie-bug at the pool in Burglengenfeld this morning. We splashed & played for a while then had a picnic lunch in their dining area. (It still seems weird to me to eat our own food there, but they really don’t seem to mind.) The kids had a wonderful time.

The interactions between the kids is pretty fun to watch. Cutie-bug is more than a year younger than Wee Laddie but they get along smashingly.

I really like Starfruit and Cutie-bug. They’re maybe the only people from the playgroups that we know well enough and see often enough that I can honestly say I am going to miss them. They leave here next summer and Starfruit said that Hawaii’s first on their list and Colorado is 2nd, so there’s a chance they’ll end up in our neck of the woods. (They spent 6 years in Hawaii prior to coming to Germany, so I don’t know if that makes it more or less likely that they’ll get sent back there.) It’d be fun to have some friends from Germany turn up in Colorado.

In a month from now, we’ll be back home.

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