Thursday, December 28, 2006

Snow, Snow and More Snow

This evening, my mom, Wee Laddie and I went to get a haircut for Wee Laddie and some dinner. I got confused on the way over (I’ve just got so much on my plate right now) and got them in the wrong order, so Wee Laddie just about melted down over the haircut idea. (Since I knew he was hungry, I'd originally planned for us to have dinner first. Duh.) So we went to eat at OK Coyote, which is a place we’ve gone to many times with’s very near our house.

Then we tried the haircut again. Now, Guitarman took Wee Laddie for a haircut not too long ago and he did fine.

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See? No Daddy in sight. I take him, and I’ve got to sit him on my lap while his hair is cut. (What’s up with that?) Finally, about halfway through the haircut, a song comes on that he likes the beat to and he starts to bob up & down to it. The stylist (everyone in the shop, in fact) was laughing.

Unfortunately, I couldn't take a video of it because he was still in my lap.

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